Our database offers a comprehensive view of 4,044 casinos, revealing critical insights into their operations and preferences. Notably, the average rating for these establishments hovers around 6.69, with the majority being founded after 2015, indicating a recent surge in the casino industry. The data underscores the dominance of CuraƧao as a licensing authority, overseeing 1,028 casinos, while several other authorities like Austria and Chad only license a single establishment.

In terms of gaming preferences, Slots emerges as the undisputed favorite, being offered by 3,995 casinos. Conversely, Poker is the least popular, with only 419 casinos offering it. This disparity in game offerings, combined with the varied licensing landscape, paints a vivid picture of a dynamic and diverse casino industry.

  • Total number of casinos: 4,044
  • Average rating: Approximately 6.69
  • Earliest establishment year: 1993
  • Latest establishment year: 2023

A noticeable surge in casino establishments was observed in 2021, with a record 591 casinos coming into existence. Conversely, the 1990s saw limited activity in this sector, with 1993 registering only one new casino. The upward trend in recent years underscores the growing prominence and acceptance of casinos in the entertainment industry.

number of casinos

Here’s a deeper analysis of the years when casinos were established:

  • Average Year: Approximately 2017
  • Standard Deviation: Approximately 5.54 years
  • Earliest Year: 1993
  • 25th Percentile: 2015
  • Median (50th Percentile): 2019
  • 75th Percentile: 2021
  • Latest Year: 2023

Top 5 Years with the Most Casinos Established:

  1. 2021: 591 casinos
  2. 2022: 523 casinos
  3. 2020: 516 casinos
  4. 2019: 347 casinos
  5. 2018: 316 casinos

Bottom 5 Years with the Fewest Casinos Established:

  1. 1997: 18 casinos
  2. 1998: 10 casinos
  3. 1994: 8 casinos
  4. 1996: 8 casinos
  5. 1993: 1 casino

Casino Ratings

A significant number of casinos have ratings in the high category, with many scoring close to 10. The average rating for most casinos is between 5 and 8. Fewer casinos have low ratings, but there’s still a noticeable number with ratings below 4.

casino ratings

Rating Categories Breakdown:

  • High (7-10): 2,047 casinos
  • Average (4-7): 1,465 casinos
  • Low (0-4): 495 casinos

Here’s a deeper look into the rating density.

casino ratings

Rating Ranges:

The bar chart showcases the number of casinos in each rating range:

  • A majority of casinos have ratings between 6.0 to 8.5.
  • There’s a significant drop in the number of casinos with ratings above 9.5.
  • Few casinos have very low ratings (below 3).

Mode of Ratings:

The most frequent rating among the casinos is 6.4.


The skewness of the ratings is approximately -0.817. Since this value is negative, it indicates that the distribution of ratings is left-skewed, meaning there are more casinos with higher ratings.


The kurtosis value is approximately 0.121. Since this value is close to zero, it suggests that the distribution has a shape similar to a normal distribution in terms of its tails.

From the analysis:

  • The majority of casinos have ratings in the mid to high range.
  • Very few casinos have extremely low or perfect ratings.
  • The distribution is slightly skewed towards higher ratings.


Casino Games

casino games

Slots stands out as the most offered game, available in 3,995 casinos. Following closely are Roulette, Blackjack, Jackpot games, and Video poker, with their presence in over 3,400 casinos each. On the other hand, Poker is the least popular, found in only 419 casinos. The distribution further reveals a significant disparity between the top games and less popular ones like eSports betting and Crash games.

Top 5 Most Popular Games:

  1. Slots: Offered by 3,995 casinos
  2. Roulette: Offered by 3,717 casinos
  3. Blackjack: Offered by 3,667 casinos
  4. Jackpot games: Offered by 3,588 casinos
  5. Video poker: Offered by 3,408 casinos

Bottom 5 Least Popular Games:

  1. Craps and dice: Offered by 2,224 casinos
  2. Betting: Offered by 1,793 casinos
  3. eSports betting: Offered by 1,429 casinos
  4. Crash games: Offered by 1,350 casinos
  5. Poker: Offered by 419 casinos


Game Providers

game providers

The most popular game provider seems to significantly outpace the others in terms of the number of casinos served.

  • Count: 1,747 unique game providers
  • Mean: On average, a game provider serves approximately 108 casinos.
  • Standard Deviation: Approximately 287
  • Minimum: The least popular game provider serves only 1 casino.
  • 25th Percentile: 2 casinos
  • Median (50th Percentile): 8 casinos
  • 75th Percentile: 50 casinos
  • Maximum: The most popular game provider serves 3,060 casinos.

Here’s the breakdown for the individual game providers:

Top 5 Most Popular Game Providers:

  1. Pragmatic Play: Serving 3,060 casinos
  2. NetEnt: Serving 2,646 casinos
  3. Evolution Gaming: Serving 2,578 casinos
  4. Red Tiger Gaming: Serving 2,199 casinos
  5. Play’n GO: Serving 2,076 casinos

Bottom 5 Least Popular Game Providers:

  1. Asian Sporting Club: Serving 1 casino
  2. Tain: Serving 1 casino
  3. MegaPlay: Serving 1 casino
  4. Survival Games: Serving 1 casino
  5. Playlogics: Serving 1 casino

The disparity between the top providers and the less popular ones is evident, with the top providers serving thousands of casinos while several providers serve only one.

Payment Methods

payment methods

Here’s the analysis for individual payment methods:

  • Count: 1,637 unique payment methods.
  • Mean: On average, a payment method is offered by approximately 40 casinos.
  • Standard Deviation: Approximately 178.88
  • Minimum: The least popular payment method is offered by just 1 casino.
  • 25th Percentile: 2 casinos
  • Median (50th Percentile): 4 casinos
  • 75th Percentile: 18 casinos
  • Maximum: The most popular payment method is offered by 3,249 casinos.

From the bar chart, you can see the distribution of the number of casinos offering each payment method. Some payment methods are evidently more popular and are offered by a larger number of casinos, while many others are less common.

Top 10 Payment Methods:

  1. Mastercard: Supported by 3,249 casinos
  2. VISA: Supported by 3,159 casinos
  3. Skrill: Supported by 1,949 casinos
  4. Bank transfer: Supported by 1,872 casinos
  5. Neteller: Supported by 1,800 casinos
  6. PaySafeCard: Supported by 1,696 casinos
  7. Bitcoin: Supported by 1,497 casinos
  8. ecoPayz: Supported by 1,124 casinos
  9. Ethereum: Supported by 1,115 casinos
  10. Litecoin: Supported by 1,076 casinos

The top payment methods, like Mastercard and VISA, are supported by a substantial number of casinos, indicating their wide acceptance and popularity among both casinos and players.